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Understanding Judaism

Jeremy Rosen

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30 Oct 2003
Dunedin Academic Press
150 pages - 216 x 138 x 6mm
Understanding Faith
Rabbi Rosen presents a serious and concise overview of Jewish history, theology and practice from Judaism's biblical origins to the present day. The book provides an integrated approach that relates the main developments in Judaism to their historical context. The author is an Orthodox rabbi and academic. The book is written from the perspective of a committed and a practising Jew but is not uncritical and incorporates different perspectives.
Preface 1. An Historical Overview 2. A Theological Overview: 1 3. A Theological Overview: 2 4. The Jewish Year 5. The Jewish Day 6. The Jewish Life Cycle 7. Jewish Theology 8. Judaism Today 9. Judaism: The Future Glossary Further Reading Index
Rabbi Dr Jeremy Rosen is Professor and Chairman of the Faculty For Comparative Religion, Antwerp, Belgium and Director of the YAKAR Educational Centre in London. He is a graduate in philosophy from Cambridge University. He has been Headmaster and Principal of Carmel College and has held various posts as an Orthodox rabbi and College lecturer

"Jeremy Rosen has provided a most readable and useful smorgasbord of Jewish history, biblical law and ethics, concepts and issues in Talmudic theology, medieval philosophy and mysticism, a survey of modern movements in Jewish life, the challenges of fundamentalism, and daily rituals and life cycles." The Jewish Chronicle "What Rosen attempts to do in this book is vast, embracing history, theology, spirituality, sociology and politics... This is a general introduction to the world of Judaism, seen through the eyes of a scholar/practitioner and is highly to be recommended." New Connexions

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