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Understanding Hinduism

Frank Whaling

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26 Nov 2009
Dunedin Academic Press
191 pages - 216 x 138 x 20mm
Understanding Faith
The Hindu tradition can claim to be the world's oldest religion. It has evolved in India over the past three thousand years. It differs from monotheistic beliefs, such as Christianity, in that there is no identifiable founder, specific theological system, or single system of morality. Frank Whaling provides an overview of the history and development of the Hindu tradition. He takes account of recent scholarship and regards Hinduism as a worldview as well as a religious tradition. The book covers the core areas of Hindu religious organisation, rituals, ethics, social involvement and sacred texts as well as key concepts, aesthetics and spirituality. It illustrates these topics by personal example as well as by informed analysis. While more stress is placed upon the modern situation including the neo-Hindu and Hindutva movements, the Hindu past is not ignored. Village Hinduism as well as sophisticated and 'high' Hinduism is addressed as well as the Hindu presence in Britain and the wider world.
Preface. Timeline of Important Events. Map of the principal Hindu holy sites in India. 1. Introduction; 2. The History of the Hindu Tradition; 3.Transcendence and the Gods; 4. Hindu Rituals; 5. Hindu Religious Traditions; 6. Social and Political Life; 7. Dharma and Ethics; 8. Scripture and Sacred Texts; 9. Hindu Aesthetics; 10. Hindu Spirituality; 11. Hindu Concepts, Philosophy and the Modern World. Bibliography. Glossary. Further Reading. Index.
Frank Whaling is emeritus professor of the study of religion, University of Edinburgh. He has taught and researched in many countries including India, the USA and South Africa,
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