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The Gulf of Corinth

M. R. Leeder, Julian Andrews, Richard Collier, Rob Gawthorpe, Lisa McNeill, Clive Portman, Peter Rowe

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31 Dec 2006
Terra Publishing
176 pages - 216 x 138 x 7mm
Classic Geology in Europe
The Gulf of Corinth in central Greece is a superb natural laboratory for the study of processes and hazards close to an active plate boundary. The area is a key locality for understanding rift geological processes and is an ideal locale for training because of the excellent exposures afforded by rapid uplift and incision. Fully illustrated and complete with bibliographic references this is an essential part of the visiting geologist's field kit.
Contents; Preface; Acknowledgements; Places, myth and history; Safety in the field; Travel and accommodation. Sampling, permissions, map coverage; Legacy of the Tethys Ocean; The Aegean arc; General morphology and structure; Research history and current issues; Current research issues; Further reading; The south Alkyonides Gulf faults; Mike leeder; Key objectives; Itinerary; Further reading; Perachora Peninsula to Agriliou Bay; Julian Andrews, Clive Portman, Peter Rowe; Key objectives; Itinerary; Further reading; The Megara Basin; Mike Leeder & Rob Gawthorpe; Key objectives; Itinerary; Further reading; The Corinth Isthmus; Richard Collier & Mike Leeder; Key objectives; Itinerary; Further reading; The western gulf and the Eliki fault system; Lisa McNeill; Key objectives; Historical earthquakes; Geomorphology and palaeoseismology; Geodesy and rates of extension; Offshore fault systems; The Corinth Rift Laboratory; Logistics; Further reading; Glossary; Bibliography; Index.
Mike Leeder, University of East Anglia (UEA); Julian Andrews, UEA; Lisa McNeill, University of Southampton; Richard Collier, University of Leeds; Rob Gawthorpe, University of Manchester; Clive Portman , UEA; and Peter Rowe, UEA.,
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