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Service User and Carer Involvement: Beyond Good Intentions

Mo McPhail

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29 Nov 2007
Dunedin Academic Press
95 pages - 216 x 138 x 7mm
Policy and Practice in Health and Social Care
The increasing focus on the involvement of people who use health and social care services and their carers in developing services and in social work education has the potential to bring significant change. This book examines the challenges in enabling people who are 'experts by experience' to participate in an agenda which is largely dominated by 'top-down' managerial practices. Several themes run through the book. The enactment of power is examined closely, as is the value of maintaining a grassroots approach, driven by the views of those with direct experience of health and social care services. Based on an unique collaboration between academics, carers and care users who have worked together on a project to develop the involvement of service users and carers in social work education, this book identifies practices that go beyond good intentions to bring about significant change. The contributors share their experiences of participation between people who care, people who use care services and those who provide care services. The values and skills for active involvement of carers and service users in the delivery of care services are discussed and contracted with participation models which merely function as management audit tools or as public relations exercises. The current climate of political and professional commitment to such service user and carer involvement is assessed and critically reviewed. This book will interest to a broad readership, including people who use health and social care services; students of health, social care and social work; and academics involved in teaching health and social care and practitioners and policy makers.
Series Editors' Introduction. Glossary of Abbreviations.
1 Introduction: Good Intentions in a Messy World (Mo McPhail, The Open University & Wendy Ager, University of Dundee);
2 Issues of Power in Service User and Carer Involvement (Wendy Ager & Mo McPhail);
3 The Voice of Service Users and Carers in Universities (Maggie Gee, University of Dundee & Mo McPhail);
4 Expert Knowledge: A Carer's Perspective (Norma McSloy, Carer Consultant, Perth);
5 Our Journey: Perspectives from People Who Use Services (John Dow, Service User Consultant);
6 Ways of Knowing (Iain Ferguson, University of Stirling & Wendy Ager);
7 Concluding Thoughts: Frustrations and Possibilities (Iain Ferguson)
References. Index.
Wendy Ager (University of Dundee); John Dow, Service User Consultant; Iain Ferguson (University of Stirling); Maggie (University of Dundee); Norma McSloy, Carer Consultant; Mo McPhail (Open University).

'For me, as a service user, researcher and academic, this was an interesting and innovative book. I could identify with the longing and desire to increase and develop service user involvement that is so evident in the passion of the book. The academic arguments made sense and were interesting,leaving me wanting to read more. An
enjoyable, passionate and gripping read!' Research, Policy and Planning

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