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School Leadership

Jim O'Brien, Daniel Murphy, Janet Draper, Christine Forde, Margery McMahon

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23 Jun 2016
Dunedin Academic Press
234 pages - 156 x 234 x 14mm
Schools become increasingly complex organisations and, as their role in socialising young people is recognised, the task of leading the school community is receiving greater attention than ever before.

School Leadership summarises current thinking about leadership in schools and suggests ways forward. School leadership is set in its social context. Is leadership associated with function within a bureaucratically ordered hierarchy, is it widely shared across communities or is it both? The school is considered both as an institution of the state and as an agency of democratic values. Ideas as to who the leaders are and what leadership involves are recast. The authors' recent experience with Headship preparation and development is discussed and analysed. Set in the Scottish experience this book provides examples of general issues facing many schools and school leaders across the world.

School Leadership is required reading for head teachers, education administrators and for those aspiring to leadership roles in schools.

This is a thoroughly revised and updated edition of a book that has been a key resource for School Leadership programmes since publication of the first edition in 2003.
Contents: Acknowledgements. Author biographies. Glossary of Abbreviations. Introduction. 1: Leadership, school leadership and headship (Jim O’Brien and Danny Murphy); 2: Leadership in a democratic society (Danny Murphy); 3: Expectations and experiences of headship (Janet Draper); 4: The changing face of leadership opportunities (Janet Draper); 5: Leadership development (Christine Forde); 6: Leadership for learning, learning for leadership (Margery McMahon); 7: Extending partnership through system-level leadership (Margery McMahon); 8: Leading professional learning (Christine Forde); 9: New models, next steps? (Jim O’Brien and Danny Murphy). References. Index.
Professor Jim O’Brien was Dean of Moray House Institute of Education, University of Edinburgh. The other contributors all hold senior teaching post in schools and university departments of teacher education.

‘In sum, on what must be an already well-populated library shelf, the scholarly exploration of school leadership situated within the Scottish experience offered by this revised edition marks itself as a worthwhile addition. As a contemporary resource for those already in leadership roles in and around school settings, it extends a further appeal to students, new researchers and academics in the leadership field. I would also heartily recommend it to policymakers, especially English ones, as a possible blueprint for future policy moves.’
London Review of Education

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