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Risk and Resilience: Global learning across the age span

Charlotte Clarke, Matthias Schwannauer, Julie Taylor, Sarah Ryhnas

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20 Oct 2016
Dunedin Academic Press
146 pages - 216 x 138mm
Policy and Practice in Health and Social Care
An edited volume with an international spectrum of contributors that places risk and resilience in health and social care in context. The chapters explore the issues of risk and resilience in health and social care, issues fundamental to some of the most complex decision making required by society, services, practitioners and members of the public. They look at issues of risk and resilience across the age spectrum, from children and young people to older adults. Three underpinning concepts are examined: location of responsibility and risk expertise; human rights and citizenship; agency and independence.
Clarke, Schwannauer, Rhynas & Taylor: 1: Risk and Resilience - why is it so important? Paavilainen: 2: Risk Management in the Maltreatment of Children; Bartlett: 3: Promoting Personal Mobility using GPS technologies; Wiersma: 4: Dementia self-management, the role of resilience; Casey & Murphy: 5: Interventions to enhance resilience for people with dementia; Quayle: 6: Adolescents, sexuality and agency: the Internet as a contested space; Klein: 7: The role of robotics in social care for older people; Marais: 8: Enhancing resilience for young mothers in socio-economically disadvantaged communities in South Africa; Nedlund & Larsson: 9: Citizenship and the involvement of people with dementia. References. Index.
Professor Charlotte Clarke is Head of School, School of Health in Social Science at the University of Edinburgh; Sarah Rhynas, Alzheimer Scotland Post-Doctoral Fellow, School of Health in Social Science, University of Edinburgh; Professor Matthias Schwannauer is Professor of Clinical Psychology, School of Health in Social Science, University of Edinburgh; and Professor Julie Taylor is Professor of Child Protection in the School of Health and Population Science at the University of Birmingham and Birmingham Children’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

'This book provides a useful resource for health and social care professionals and academics
to grapple with the complexities for people living with different forms of vulnerability,
particularly in later life.'

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