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Coaching and Mentoring: Exploring Approaches to Professional Learning

Christine Forde, Jim O'Brien

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22 Sep 2011
Dunedin Academic Press
119 pages - 138 x 216 x 9mm
Policy and Practice in Education
In the continuous drive for improvement in learning and achievement in schools, the development of teachers and of school leaders remains a major focus of policy. Alternative approaches to professional development have been introduced in the Scottish education system, including coaching, mentoring, and learning communities. The use of coaching and mentoring is evident at every level of teacher development, from the student teacher to the expert teacher, and from early leadership development to the sustaining of long serving head teachers. The idea of learning communities, where teachers work together, has been a recent addition to continuing teacher development, but there are few publications that examine the use of strategies such as coaching, mentoring, and learning communities. A critical appraisal of policy and practice in relation to continuing teacher development is the focus this book. The contributions cover policy, discuss conceptual analysis, and provide case studies. All exa
Series Editors' Introduction. Editors and Contributors. 1. Teaching professional development: purpose, policy and practice (Jim O'Brien, University of Edinburgh); 2 Approaches to professional learning: coaching, mentoring and building collaboration (Christine Forde, University of Glasgow); 3. Learning to teach: an examination of mentoring in the Scottish teacher induction scheme (Margaret Martin, University of Glasgow); 4. Learning to lead: coaching, mentoring and tutoring in leadership development (Deirdre Torrance, University of Edinburgh); 5. Learning together: professional learning communities (Mike Carroll, University of Glasgow); 6. Taking continuing education forward (Christine Forde and Jim O'Brien). References. Index.
Professor Christine Forde holds a chair in Leadership and Professional Learning in the Faculty of Education, University of Glasgow. Professor Jim O’Brien was head of the Moray House School of Education, University of Edinburgh.

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